Coffee Bundle Deal ☕☕

Coffee Bundle Deal ☕☕

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Get more and save big! 💰 Now you can mix and match your favorite coffees from 64 different combinations of light, medium, dark, and decaf roasts!

This bundle deal makes the perfect gift for your family and friends! 🎁

Simply pick your 1st bag and 2nd bag from our premium, single origin coffees:

  1. Lincoln Light Roast sourced from Ethiopia 🇪🇹
  2. Washington Medium Roast sourced from Colombia 🇨🇴
  3. Jefferson Dark Roast sourced from Guatemala 🇬🇹
  4. Decaf Washington Medium Roast sourced from Colombia 🇨🇴

Our single origin coffees are available in ground and whole bean options!

As you may imagine, shipping is costly for us, so it really helps us out when you purchase more than one bag at a time! It allows us to continue not charging for shipping! 🙏😇