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VVHF Collaboration

VVHF Collaboration

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The Vegas Veterans Hockey Foundation is a local non-profit organization that serves to bring military veterans and their families together around the game of hockey. It's members represent all branches of the United States armed services. The Foundation looks to not only positively impact it's veteran and active duty military service members and the local veteran community but also their families, as we know first-hand the commitment and sacrifice that our military families have to endure to ensure the defense of our nation.  

Thank you to the VVHF for allowing us to do this collaboration with them and put out this beautiful shirt! This is a pre order and will have a week to 2 week ship out due to the COVID-19 slowing down everything. This shirt is also a once in a lifetime shirt, meaning this is the only shirt and only batch of shirts we will do! So get yours before its to late!! *Proceeds from this shirt will be donated directly to their foundation*