About Us

American Patriot stands out as a distinct and exceptional patriotic clothing company, primarily dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement, Military, and first responders. The company's inception was driven by a deep frustration with the consistent negativity directed at Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and the lack of visible support. This frustration motivated the decision to create something truly unprecedented.

The inception of the "Blue Lives Matter" campaign emerged as a response to these concerns. Every purchase of a shirt under this campaign is accompanied by the commitment to provide a shirt to a LEO as a token of appreciation for their service and community assistance. Engaging with these officers and expressing gratitude has proven to have a remarkable impact on their morale. An ambitious objective was set for the year 2020: to outfit all 4,000 Law Enforcement Officers across the Las Vegas valley with these shirts.

Following completion of Air Force bootcamp and training, the company embarked on a new endeavor: the "Military Lives Matter" Campaign. Addressing the question raised by some regarding the necessity of such a campaign, the response is clarified. The intention is not to combat hatred towards military personnel but to extend support to those deployed far from their families for extended periods. Moreover, the campaign seeks to bring awareness to the pressing issue of daily suicides among military personnel, symbolized by the inclusion of ";IGY6" on numerous hats.

Under the "Military Lives Matter" campaign, for each shirt purchased, another shirt is designated to be included in a package. This package, comprising these shirts, is scheduled to be dispatched at the conclusion of the year, just before Christmas, to troops stationed abroad. The purpose is unequivocal: to convey appreciation and extend thanks for their unwavering service. This dedication is rooted in an ardent passion for the country—a sentiment deeply held at American Patriot. The decision to give back to those who safeguard the nation on a daily basis is a testament to this profound commitment.