About Us

American Patriot is unlike any patriotic clothing company out there. our main focus is giving back to Law Enforcement, Military, and our first responders. This company came together after I had enough of seeing people constantly bashing LEOs and nobody out there showing support so thats when I decided to do something unlike any company out there.


Our Blue Lives Matter campaign was then born. For every shirt bought, we go out and give a shirt to a LEO for their service and helping the community and just telling them how much we appreciate them. We talk to them for a while and you wouldn't believe how it can change their day. Our goal for 2020 is to get all 4,000 Law Enforcement Officers across the las vegas valley shirts.

After getting back from Air Force bootcamp and training I decided to start another campaign called the Military Lives Matter Campaign. Now Ive had people ask me "why are you doing a military lives matter campaign? Who in their right mind would hate on military people." Well its not for that reason, its for the military members that are deployed away from their families for long periods of time. Its also for the men and woman that commit suicide on a daily, and a reason we put ;IGY6 on a lot of our hats. 

For every military lives matter shirt bought, were going to put another shirt into a box and then at the end of the year before christmas were going to ship them out to our troops that are deployed showing our appreciation for them and thanking them for their service. This country is something were so passionate about at American Patriot, so why not give back to the people that defend it on a daily.